Melco Spray Powders

Technical Information - Melco Spray Powder
Anti Set-Of Spray Powder


Product Code Grade Micron Size Type General Guide
Melco CMC-15C - 500 Fine 15 Coated For Paper <170gr/m2
Melco CMC-25C - 300 Medium 20-25 Coated For Paper <300gr/m2
Melco CMC-35C - 200 Coarse 30-35 Coated For cardboard
Melco CMC-25C - 300R Medium 20-25 Regular (Uncoated) For Paper <300gr/m2
Melco CMC-35C - 200R Coarse 30-35 Regular (Uncoated) For cardboard


Packaging: 1Kilo/bag - 10 Kilo/box. Our 1 kilo bags is suolied with a re-sealable spout making it easy to pour the powder and ensuring moisure proof storage thereby reducing waste.

Of all powder types availables, coated poewders are by fat the most commonly used. These hydrophobic powders repel waer and oilu sybstances such as printing inks. The powder forms a separation between the sheets thereby trapping air ich reduces ink drying time. An even distribution of powders are primaly used by large corrugated printers, carton manufactures and larger multi-color sheetfed printers. As the weoght od the substrate or height of the stack increases, the micron size of the powder should increase as well.

Correct use of powders entails that nozzles and pipes are clean and that there is an even spray pattern across the sheet. Use a minimum quantity of powder to prevent set-off. Less is iften better as most problems with anti set-off powders are due to over-spraying. If a high amount of powder has to be used to prevent set-off it is likely that a smaller amount of a larger micron powder would perform better.