Together with our partners, Melchers offers a comprehensive selection of testing equipment. We build long-term relationships with our customers, providing virtually every testing instrument or machine and service. From purchase to installation and maintenance we invest in quality so that we create value through a long life span of the equipment. Internal training fosters our expertise, ensuring we can continue to be helpful, relevant and effective in the future.



Melchers exclusivley supplies Brabender’s food testing instruments. The equipment can be used in all fields of milling, baking, starch, confectionary, yeast, tobacco as well as extrusion.

Please visit Brabender’s website for product details or contact us directly.



Melchers has extensive experience in plastic and polymer analysis and processing. Our plastic testing experts supply and provide advise for a wide range of applications including the equipment of these German manufacturers:

Brabender Messtechnik


Melchers is your complete source for non-destructive testing (NDT) supplies for radiography testing and ultrasonic testing, eddy current, magnetic particle testing and more. Applying our experience, we focus on providing comprehensive pre- and after sales support, calibration and configuration services as well as training.

Coating Thickness Gauge
Dye Penetrant
Eddy Current
Radiography (X-ray systems)
Ultrasonic Testing